Why you should buy Lucido HDMI cables

As you may know, Actis Technologies has launched a brand – Lucido! Lucido gives you products that are of the highest standards at a price that you can afford. To begin with, Lucido has launched cables and adapters.

Lucido HDMI cables and adapters are among the best in the market. Also, with Lucido, you will soon get all the AV products you need under one roof and from a trusted brand.

Lucido cables come with several features. Some of these features are:

  • HDMI/HDCP compliant
  • Support for HDMI 1.4 and higher version
  • Copper wire construction
  • Gold-plated contacts
  • Protective nylon mesh for longer cables
  • 2K and 4K support
  • Built-in amplification
  • Transmission of digital video and audio signals through a single cable
  • Pro-AV-grade cables used in complex AV installations at the world’s largest corporations

Our cables can be used anywhere and everywhere from household appliances to high-definition TV. You can use these beautifully crafted cables to enjoy seamless video and audio signals and enjoy the exquisite workmanship and attention to detail!

These cables are created from the highest-quality copper wiring and have gold-plated contacts that resist corrosion. Some of the longer cables come with a nylon mesh that imparts strength and flexibility.

These cables are high-speed cables and allow for high-speed bidirectional communication. They are perfect for connecting your home theater system and let you enjoy distortion-free and clear images without interference.

Lucido plans to add several new AV products that you would need for both your home and office use in the near future.

So, now you know why you should opt for Lucido HDMI cables. Buy these online and enjoy clear audio and video for years to come. Here’s to smooth and seamless communication!

You can also buy Lucido High Speed HDMI Cables online.